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Canadian online casinos are filled with bonuses, and most of them require using a code to activate. We are sure that you are familiar with these codes: they are just like using a coupon code. However, casino bonuses are not like regular online shopping.

They all have different rules, terms, and conditions. In this guide, we will explain all of them and also give you an up-to-date list of the latest Canada casino bonus codes.

Let’s start! There are hundreds of codes to use but only a limited time.

What Is a Free Casino Bonus Code and How Does It Work?

No deposit bonus canadaA casino bonus code looks like a long list of random numbers and letters. Do not try to memorise them – it is pointless.

They can be used only once and before taking a certain action: the bonus codes must be used during the registration, before making a deposit, or on a specific day. And by saying “using”, we mean entering them to special sections on the registration and/or payment forms.

This is the only thing you need to do. Enter the code, finish the action as usual, and the related bonus will be activated automatically. Each of these actions will allow you to get a different bonus.

For example, using a code during the registration process will trigger a no deposit bonus. Entering a code while making a deposit will award a welcome or reload bonus. Each code is tied to a specific promotion, and you can learn its details by reading the terms & conditions.

What Kind of Bonuses Can Be Activated With Casino Bonus Codes?

These codes can be used to activate any kind of casino bonus. Most of the time, they are used for free bonus no deposit casino offers, but this is not set in stone: with your codes, you can activate all bonuses. It all depends on the operator who issued the codes.

In this regard, we can list the bonus types you can activate with your codes, as follows:

No Deposit Bonus Casino Deals

This is the most common bonus type that can be activated with codes. There are lots of free welcome bonus no deposit required casino websites around and almost all of them issue some codes from time to time. So, what is an online casino free bonus no deposit, and how does it work?

As you know, there is heavy competition in online gambling. There are a limited number of customers but an unlimited number of casino sites. In order to gain more customers, online casinos use promotions.

Most of them focus on your first deposit and match it with a certain rate. Some bonuses, on the other hand, do not require making a deposit at all. They are given just because you decided to become a member.

This is the case for free sign up bonus no deposit casino websites. When you become a member of these sites, your account automatically gets a bonus: it is either a small cash amount or a few free spins. For example, you can win 5 Pound or 10 free spins – it all depends on the context. There is no need to make a deposit, as the name implies.

You just need to use the free bonus no deposit casino code during the registration. (There is a special section on the registration form to enter the code.) The bonus will be activated automatically after you log in for the first time.

You can use your cash and/or free spins immediately. Moreover, if you win a prize with your bonus, it is yours to keep – only after completing the wagering requirement, of course.

We have listed the latest no deposit casino bonuses for you on our website, so you can pick one and use it immediately. This is the best bonus that can be activated with a code because:

  • You can play with an active balance and learn more about the online casino, without making any kind of financial commitment. After all, you don’t make an investment: free cash bonus no deposit casino UK website gives your starting capital. If you don’t like what you see, you can simply move away and try your chances in another casino.
  • You can use your bonus immediately without completing a wagering requirement. We will list more bonuses below, and they all have the same feature: you cannot start to use the bonus until you complete the wagering. UK online casinos no deposit bonus offers; on the other part, can be used right away. You still need to complete wagering if you win a prize, but this requirement is for the prize, not the bonus.

Casino Welcome Bonus Offers

We are sure that you heard this one before – it is the classic sign up package, the one that matches your first deposit with a certain percentage. The first deposit at online casinos is important because by doing one, you also make a financial commitment. In order to encourage this, casino operators offer you a big match rate. If this rate is 200%, for example, you can easily double your starting capital.

While new casino sites Canada no deposit bonus offers are more common, they will never give you big numbers. Welcome bonuses, on the other hand, can even quadruple your first deposit. Moreover, they will also give you free spins to use on slots, most of the time.

The process is quite simple: while making the first deposit, you use the bonus promo code – there is a special section for it on the payment form. Once it is completed, the bonus gets activated automatically. If the match rate is 50%, and the deposit amount is 50 Pounds, for example, your account will get credited for another 50 Pound immediately. You will be playing with a 1,000 Pounds bankroll.

While you are getting bigger numbers than the no deposit bonus, there is a restriction – you can’t use your bonus before completing a wagering requirement.

It will be in a “locked” state until you wager enough money. And there are lots of things to consider for this reason: the rate of wagering, additional restrictions on your account until the requirement is done, etc. We will talk about these in detail below.

Reload Bonus

The welcome bonus matches your first deposit with a certain rate, but this is a one-time-only deal. That bonus can be used only once and by new members. So, what happens after becoming a member? Well, you can start using the reload bonus.

This promotion will also match your deposits with a certain rate, but not just once. It will be activated automatically each and every time you make a deposit. It works exactly like the welcome bonus but can be used infinitely, not once.

Of course, for this reason, the match rates are lower than the welcome offer. For instance, you can get a 100% rate for the first deposit. But a reload bonus will offer you only 25%. This is normal though: in the long run, the reload bonus will give you more. Don’t forget to enter your code while making a deposit too.

Cashback Bonus

In a way, this is similar to new casinos with no deposit bonus offers: it does not require making a deposit. On the contrary, it requires losing money. As the name implies, this bonus will give you a refund on your losses. The refund rate depends on the casino, but it is usually 10% or 15%.

It works completely automatically after entering your code, so your refund will be credited to your account on a specific day (usually Monday) and cover all your losses that happened in the last seven days.

The best part is, this bonus does not require any wagering. It can be used or withdrawn immediately. In this regard, it is even better than the free cash bonus no deposit casino 2021 offers: even they require wagering. As long as it is available, this bonus should be your first choice to activate with your code.

What You Need to Know About Canada Free Bonus Casino Offers

  • Bonus codes have a time limit. The majority of them stops working after a month. Sometimes their expiration date is less than a week. So do not waste your time with old ones, like free cash bonus no deposit casino 2021 codes. At this point, they probably won’t work at all.
  • You can use these codes and claim the bonuses from mobile devices too. In fact, this can be better than claiming them from desktop devices. Online casino operators like mobile users because they cost less. In order to encourage mobile gambling, they make bigger offers to mobile users. Canadian mobile casino no deposit bonus, for example, can give you more spins or more money than its desktop counterpart. Always check if there is an exclusive bonus code for mobile users or not. And if there is one, use it: you can always switch to the desktop casino afterwards.
  • Cashback bonus excluded, there will always be a wagering requirement. This means wagering a certain amount of money in order to unlock your bonus/payout. The amount will be determined by the terms & conditions of the bonus, and it can be anything: 20x, 40x, 60x, even 90x. As can be guessed, you must opt-in for lower values. Here is why: wagering 100 $ with a 20x rate, for example, will require 2,000 Dollars (100 x 20). If the rate is 40x, however, you need to wager 4,000 Dollars (100 x 40). Simply put, it will take two times longer to complete.
  • And your account will have several restrictions until you complete the wagering. You cannot avoid this, but you can choose bonus offers with fewer restrictions. For example, your maximum bet amount will be limited to a small figure until you complete the wagering. If this figure is 5 Dollars, this is normal and expected. But if it is 2 Dollars, you should look for a different bonus because it is not fair.
  • Check the list of contributing games too. To wager money, you need to play games. However, not all games contribute the same towards the wagering: usually, only slot games contribute 100%. Make sure that you are playing the right game.


  • Where can I find the latest Canada no deposit bonus casino codes?

You have two options:
First, you can visit each and every casino site every day and check for new bonus codes. Or, you can simply visit our website – we will share all the latest codes with you. As can be guessed, the latter is the better option. Leave this job to professionals.

  • Can I use free casino bonus codes from mobile?

Yes. Nowadays, online casinos work on all kinds of devices, desktop or mobile. You can simply open the website of the casino on your mobile phone and enter your code – the process is the same. In fact, doing so can be even better. As explained above, casino operators offer higher bonuses & exclusive codes to mobile users.

  • Does every Canadian casino offer bonus codes?

No. While they are pretty common, bonus codes are not mandatory things, and some casino sites do not offer them at all. You can activate casino bonuses without them too. Bonus codes are just a marketing tool: they are used to gain interest and lure more customers to the online casino.

Claim the Best Casino Bonuses and Play With an Advantage!

And now, you are ready to use your first bonus code: pick one of our recommended casino sites, use the right code, and enjoy your bonus. The right code will give you the right bonus, and the right bonus can make all the difference. We constantly update our codes & list of casinos, so don’t forget to visit us often. Good luck!

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